Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last pix in July

Grocery list.
Fran's handicapped parking tag.

This is the Farm and Fleet sign that blew down in the last storm. The wind just bent the metal pole over like a paper clip. Better pix farther down.
Spotted in Logli's parking lot in the evening. Not something you see real often in Northern Illinois.
Better pictures of the Farm and Fleet sign that blew over in the recent storm.

Grocery list.

Concrete pipe in the street in front of the house.

They took down the guy across the street's fence. I guess because they are going to be digging pretty close to it.

No post is really complete without a good beagle video. It was warm when we went on our walk today. Wilma cooled off in a mud puddle.

Seen in the driveway at work today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More recent random pix

The electric company started taking down the wires on the poles that run down the middle of our street. These pictures were taken during our morning walk.

These were taken after our walk on my way to work. A big storm blew up about 7 am after we had gotten back. It only lasted a few minutes but there was torrential rain and 60+ mph winds. Lots of people in the area lost power. many trees and limbs down. This is the guy across the street from me. This is the third tree that he has had issues with this summer from the storms.
This is the other guy across the street from me. He lost a couple fence sections.

More damage on my way to work.
Next to the fire station on Forest Hills and Harlem.
This truck was blown over on Perryville Road between Harlem and Mulford. No power on Harlem Road from Alpine to past Rock Cut State Park, and south along Perryville to almost Riverside. No power on Riverside around the tollway.

This semi-trailer is located at Riverside and Bell School Road. I think a construction company stored stuff in it while doing some work in the area at one time. Lately it seems to mostly be a billboard advertising the company. These next pictures were taken on the way home from work.

Some mist we encountered while on our morning walk.

More storm damage we saw on our morning walk.
The lid on our mailbox blew off.
Hard to see but these two pictures are of billboard signs that blew over. I saw them the other day when I went to work but could not safely stop to take a picture. This is from the far side of the road. These two signs are on Riverside Blvd across from Farm and Fleet. The wooden poles holding them up just snapped. I think there are about 6 poles that were holding each sign up. I don't have a picture of it but the Farm and Fleet sign is down as well.

More storm damage.

Some one else lost a mailbox lid in the storm.
The storm blew this mini-stop sign right off the post on the bike path up in front of the bus barn next to Harlem Township CC.
The storm got this portapotty next door.
The poles are still up. The electric company crews have been busy with storm damage so did not make it back to finish taking them down.
I did not notice until today but a tree in our front yard also sustained damage in the storm.
A house up the street got TP'd. Don't see that as much as you once did.

They finished taking down the poles in the street. They have been there the whole time I have lived here - 25 years.

The crews left a few remanats of the poles next door for some reason.
The old thermometer (on top) started reading a much lower temperature than it really was a week or two ago so Fran got us a new one at WalMart and her nephew put it up. You can see it reads almost 15 degrees warmer than the old one.
Very wierd not having the poles going down the middle of the street anymore.
The police decoy car is back.
This is some kind of special concrete pipe they have been waiting for.

More concrete storm sewer pipe.

Fran's second air cast. I took a picture of it at the doctor's office. She only has to wear it sporatically from now on. They gave her a different type of ankle support to start wearing now. She will be transitioning from no weight on her foot and the air cast to full weight and the new support over the next four weeks!
My wife's nieces like to write on the white board in our kitchen.