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Last update 11-21-15

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We live within walking distance (a longish walk anyway) of this park so we go there on a regular basis. It is a big place with lots of trails. Despite many hiking excursions there, there are trails we have not been on and places to explore we have not gotten to yet. I used to hike there with Wilma's predecessor Woofie, but that was before I was blogging and taking lots of pictures and video.

I drive past the park almost every day going back and forth to work. I often see turkeys along the edge of the park in peoples' yards. I have also seen deer and a coyote while going past the park.

Incidentally, the park staff is good about responding to emails IME. And despite the state of Illinois'current  financial condition, the park seems to be pretty well maintained, although the park road could use some work.

Rock Cut State Park Hiking Excursions
11-5-15 New Bicycle Path
10-29-14 NW Side of Rock Cut State Park Hike
04-05-14 Olson Annex
02-16-14 Willow Creek Path
12-19-13 Willow Creek Path - Hart Road
11-30-13 Horse Trails Short Hike
6-8-13 Olson Annex Hike
6-2-13 Hike Horse Trails
2013_05_19 Rock Cut State Park Hike NW Horse Trails
4-27-13 7.2 miles Harlem Road - Perryville - Campground
Multi-Purpose Trail - Campground Trail - Horse Camp - 4-20-13
Rock Cut State Park Short Hike 4-7-13 Horse Trails
Rock Cut State Park Short Hike 4-6-13 Horse Trails
3-16-13 Willow Creek - Perryville Path - Hart Road - Park Road 
1-12-13 Horse Trails and Pine Forest
12-28-12 Hike Along Harlem Road
12-25-12 Hike Around the Lake
12-16-12 Hike North of Willow Creek Bike Path
12-2-12 Horse Trails
11-22-12 NW Quadrant
11-7-12 SW Quadrant
10-20-12 Multipurpose Trail - Coyote!
10-7-12 SW Quadrant - Great Blue Heron
9-30-12 Walk around lake
9-9-12 Horse Trails NW
9-2-12 Horse Trails NW quadrant
8-25-12 Horse Trails, Campground, Puri Crest
8-18-12 Multipurpose Trail Hike
5-26-12 Willow Creek Bike Path
5-6-12 multi-purpose trail
3-17-12 Hike around the lake from rt 173 entrance - 6.1 miles
3-14-12 Horse Trails in the NW Quadrant
2-12-12 Willow Creek Path and South Hart Road Horse Trails
1-22-12 Willow Creek, Hillside, Turkeys
1-15-12 Walk along lake and turkeys!
1-14-12 Willow Creek
12-19-11 Rt173 Horse Trails NW Quadrant
12-18-11 Rt173 - Horse Trail - Campground
12-4-11 Rt173 parking lot to horse camp
10-9-11 North of Pierce Lake
10-2-11 NE bike path
9-24-11 Pond on north end of park
9-5-11 NW horse trails
5-28-11 Willow Creek and Perryville Bike Paths, Hart Road
5-21-11 SW side of main park
5-7-11 Puri Crest Horse trails on north side of park
4-23-11 NE Bike path
4-17-11 NE Bike path
4-3-11 Willow Creek
4-2-11 Olson Lake
3-27-11 NW horse trails
2-26-11 Horse trails between Willow Creek bike path and Hart Road
2-13-11 Walk around Pierce Lake
1-30-11 SW end of park
12-31-10 Willow Creek Bike Path, Horse trails, Hart Road
12-30-10 North side of Pierce Lake
12-29-10 Dam to Hart Road and back
11-25-10 NW horse trails
11-24-10 NW horse trails (rain out)
11-21-10 SW
11-7-10 SW
10-9-10 Hike around Pierce Lake
10-2-10 Puri Crest NE
9-10-10 Willow Creek Bike Path and Hart Raod
9-7-10 Willow Creek Bike Path to home
9-4-10 NE
8-7-10 Willow Creek Bike Path

Other Rock Cut State Park Related Posts
6-30-14 Tree Down On Road
4-19-14 Coot Pictures
4-14-14 Five deer video along Harlem Road
4-11-14 Lost Shoe At Spillway
12-30-13 Winter Scenery, snowman, 21 turkeys
4-1-13 Turkeys Seen On Harlem Road by Rock Cut State Park
3-16-13 Turkeys on Harlem Road by Rock Cut State Park
Deer by Rock Cut State Park 3-13-13
2-9-13 Turkeys Along Rt 173
11-03-12 Signs seen at RCSP
Turkeys and fall pictures late Sept 2012
More Turkeys 8-19-12 and 8-23-12
7-13-12 herd of turkeys along Harlem Road by the park
6-30-12 A dozen turkeys on Harlem Road
6-15-12 Five turkeys on Harlem Road
6-2-12 Horse drawn wagon - Lion's Club event
Late May 2012 - Turkeys and odd colored red winged blackbird
5-26-12 Turkeys and a goose
5-19-12 Turkeys just outside the park
Late April 2012 -More turkeys and new wood bike racks
3-31-12 Burned fields and some nice flowering trees
1-21-12 Snow and geese (towards end of this post)
1-14-12 More turkeys on Harlem Road
1-11-12 Herd of Turkeys Outside the Park
12-3-11 Coyote
11-19-11 Burned field
10-30-11 The very last picture is a coyote we saw at the park
10-6-11 Turkeys
9-4-11 There is a picture of a flower I took at the park in this post
8-13-11 Turkeys
8-8-11 Turkey video
5-13-11 Turtle on road and rising creek
11-21-10 Turkey video

Other ILDNR Locations we have hiked
5-17-13 Lowden Miller State Forest Hike
11-02-12 Castle Rock State Park
9-29-12 Castle Rock State Park Scouting Trip
4-21-12 Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park
9-29-12 Lowden Miller State Forest Scouting Trip
11-30-12 Lowden Miller State Forest Closed for Deer Hunting
12-12-12 Lowden Miller State Forest Hike
11-02-12 Lowden State Park Visit to Statue
9-29-12 Lowden State Park
10-31-10 Lowden State Park
9-8-10 White Pines State Park

Other ILDNR Locations we have visited but not hiked
12-3-11 Chain-O-Lakes State Park
4-28-12 Morraine Hills State Park
11-16-12 Rockton Bog Scouting Trip
5-5-12 Volo Bog