Gear Reviews

Last update 05-23-15

Note: some of the reviews go over more than one item so the same blog post may be listed for more than one piece of gear.

This used to be titled Outdoor Gear Reviews but I renamed it as it became more generic. I have started doing the reviews on Amazon for the wider audience, and just linking to them here. Some things can't be reviewed on Amazon, so there will still be an occasional review on the blog.

Batteries, Lights, Chargers
Mini Portable USB Charger for Ni-MH AA/AAA Rechargeable Battery AA AAA Charger
Hot!!! Pro 5 LED Falshlight 1-Mode 300LM Aluminum alloy Torch Flash Light
3W Police Flashlight
Chinese 5W Aluminum Body Flashlight 1 or 2 AA cell
Chinese 5W Aluminum Body Flashlight 1 or 2 AA Battery Life Test
Plastic AA battery cases
More plastic AAA/AA battery cases
Harbor Freight 27 LED Portable Worklight/Flashlight
Menards 1W 60 Lumen Flashlight
Meritline Clip Light    Failure
Rayovac Platinum Rechargeable NiMH Batteries and Charger    Update 5-12-12
Totes $5 LED Headlamp Amazon Review
9w led police outdoor torch flashlight
Nite Ize NPO-03-01 Headband/Hands-Free Flashlight Holder, Black Amazon Review

Water Bottles, Thermos
SS thermos water bottle
Arrow Mfg 1 Liter Plastic Water Bottles     Fail - Youtube video
Arrow Mfg 1 Liter Plastic Water Bottles - On the Go Jr.
Menards Guidesman SS Water Bottle
Outdoor Products SS Water Bottle
Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug Amazon 3 star review

Belleville Hot Weather Boots     11-13-11 Update
Belleville ICW Boots     11-26-11 Update     Update 5-11-12     heel replacement (Dec 2012)
Belleville ICW Boots DIY Repair Attempts
Belleville ICW Boots Resoled
Cabelas wool blend socks     12-6-11 update
Carolina Hosiery Medium Weight Merino Wool Blend Boot Socks
Chinese Jungle Boots
Chinese Jungle Boots Update
Chinese Jungle Boots Fail
Columbia Trail Meister Hiking Boots
Columbia Trail Meister Hiking Boots Update
Columbia Trail Meister Boots Amazon Review
Farm and Fleet Ranger Pac Boots
Farm and Fleet Ranger Pac Boots Update
Farm and Fleet Ranger Pac Boots Repair and Update
Farm and Fleet Ranger Pac Boots Fail
Farm and Fleet Work Boot Socks
Fox River Liner Socks
Fox River Liner Socks Update
George XL Nylon Dress Socks - Walmart
Griffin Wool Thermal Boot Tube Socks
Thorogood Side Zip EH Safety Boots     Update 1-25-13
WalMart Faded Glory Wool Blend Boot Socks 12-30-10
WalMart Faded Glory Boot Socks Update 11-26-11
Walmart Boot Sock Update 3-24-12
Walmart Boot Socks Continue to Fail 5-9-12
Walmart Sneaker Fail and Hasty Repair

Broner Hat (Farm and Fleet)
Broner Hat Update
Broner hat Update 12/2011
Chinese Gaiters
Farm and Fleet Leather Gloves
Farm and Fleet Leather Gloves Update
Farm and Fleet Gloves Update 12/2011
Farm and Fleet Blaze Orange Gear
King Size Direct Hooded Jacket
Rugged Wear Magic Gloves
Walmart Faded Glory Big Men's Packable Windbreaker

Knives and other sharp things
3pc knife set serrated blades
Cold Steel Bushman Sheath Mods
Cold Steel Bushman Knife Wood Splitting
Fiscars Shop Boss Scissors
Gerber Clutch Compact Multi-tool
Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife
Harbor Freight 99 cent scissors
Kershaw Vapor Knife

Outdoor Products Fanny Pack
Outdoor Products Fanny Pack Update
Outdoor Products Morph Day Pack
Outdoor Products Morph Day Pack Amazon Review
Outdoor Products Morph Pack - Shock Cord Replacement
Outdoor Products Hydration Bladder Bite Valve Freezes Up
Outdoor Products Day Pack and Hydration Bladder (toward the end)

Eagle Work Clothes
King Size Direct microfleece long johns     12-2-11 Update
Rothco BDU pants
1 PC Premium Paisley Navy Blue Bandana/Hankie, 22"x22" by TansClub
1 PC Premium Paisley White Bandana/Hankie, 22"x22" by TansClub
2 more TansClub Bandanas

Single Hand Quick Release Reusable Pneumatic Tourniquet Green

Fire Starting
Silver Nugget Fire Starters
Lightning Nuggets Fire Starters Amazon Review - 4 stars

Outdoor Cooking and Eating
Chargriller BBQ Grill
East German Esbit Type Stove
Light My Fire Spork
Walmart Grease Pot
Walmart Grease Pot
Cat Can Stove

Misc Stuff
3 section hiking stick
3 section hiking stick failure
Berkley Polarized Fishing Glasses (sunglasses)
Coleman Zipper Pull Thermometer and Compass
Freznel Lenses
Gorilla Glue Amazon Review
HD Vision Sunglasses Ultra July 2010
HD Vision Sunglasses Ultra Amazon Review and Update Aug 2012
HD Vision WrapArounds Wrap Around Sunglasses Amazon Review
Menards shovel handle hiking stick     3-4-12 update     3-3-13 Update
Meritline 39 cent compass
Meritline Compass, whistle, flashlight
Nesco Food Dehydrator
Emergency Poncho
Meritline 49 cent tweezers
Remington Titanium MS280 Electric Shaver Amazon Reveiw
Warp Brothers Banana Bags
Side Release Whistle Black Buckle For 3/4" Strap Survival Bracelet
Timex Watch Failure and Replacement
550 7 Strand Type III Commercial Survival Paracord
Outdoor Camping Hiking Polypaudio Survival Rescue Emergency Signal Whistle
[white+black] Paracord 550 Parachute 7 Strand Cord- 100 ft, Free Shipping