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Last update 11-16-14
This is my page dedicated to the Kindle and Kindle books.

My Amazon Review of the Kindle Touch

Kindle Daily Deal
A book that is heavily discounted for one day. Usually $1.99 - even less sometimes.

Amazon Kindle 100 Best Sellers (free and paid)
This is a link to the top 100 paid and free Kindle books for the previous 24 hours. Often authors lower the price or even offer them for free for short periods of time to stimulate interest in their books. The lower price (or free) does get them a lot of attention.

Free Kindle E-books from Amazon -
Sadly, the comprehensive free book list on this web site has been removed, due to Amazon changing their affiliate policy regarding free books. Sad to see it go. But, there are still a few free books listed daily. Just not the huge list that once was there that I found so many free books in. Some explanations here and here. Thanks to rafowell at Equipped to Survive forums for the links. He also pointed out some other sources of free books I was not aware of that I have added here, plus a couple I already knew about.
Have not used it yet. A rafowell suggestion.

97 Places to get free books
Have not used it yet. A rafowell suggestion.

Hundred Zeros
Free Kindle books by genre. I just started using it. I have noticed a number of books that are either not free, or no longer free. it may be that it does not get updated regualrly enough.

Free Book Sifter Added Today List
Not as handy as ereaderiq once was, but it does seem to sift out a lot more free books. The sorting mechanism is kind of crude and little in the way of information is directly available about the books, but it does provide the links to books.

Amazon's Free Book List
More of a list of lists.

Project Gutenberg     Project Gutenberg Affiliates
Thousands of out of copyright books.

Jungle Search
One of the more useful search tools for hunting down free Kindle books at Amazon.

Centsless Books has listing of free Kindle books by genre. Thanks to QuietlyLearning at for the tip.

An interesting assortment of free books are highlighted in this thread on Usually only free for a day so check the very end of the thread as it is an ongoing thread. I moved my free book posts there.

Some free books on survival topics.

Free From Stackpole.
Stackpole puts a book or two up for free periodically.  I have read several of their free books. Some interesting stuff. Most of what I have seen is WWII German military history, with varying quality of translation, some other military history from lesser known units, along with some fishing and other outdoors oriented books. Occasionally I have seen some craft type books.

Baen has a long tradition of giving away free books to sell other books in the series. Now that they are on Amazon, they continue that tradition. This search should get you all the Baen books that are currently free. For some reason sometimes you get a ringer in the search. There is quite an assortment of free books from many of the Baen stable of authors. Science fiction, military fiction, fantasy. Many of the books are the first books in a series. Reading them may well convince you to buy other books in the series, which is of course why they are giving these books away.

Free college level textbooks from Boundless. They appear to only work on apps and not actual Kindles other than Android Kindles like the Fire.

More free textbooks from CK-12.

Free history books from Pyrrhus Press.

Openculture free books.

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