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Last update 03-17-14

Firearms related posts I have made here.

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annual gun club meeting last night
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Some forums and sites I like. I go by "ILBOB" except as noted.

I don't have time to post on all of them a lot, but they are all places I have posted at and at least occasionally read.

Armed Polite Society (APS)

Hipoint Forum

Illinois Carry - getting license to carry in Illinois
I am "BOB" here. I used to point people to this web site for information on what was going on and IL firearms law. These days, I feel the need to point out that what I consider to be rather dubious interpretations regarding IL firearms law is being handed out on this site, including by forum leaders. IMO, the laws mean what they say as written and no amount of quibbling over it, legislative intent, or the IllinoisCarry FAQ, changes what the law actually means.  Unless the courts say otherwise, it is best to be cautious, IMO.

In all likelihood, the courts will decide the laws mean what they say as written, and not some pipe dream cobbled together from Internet FAQs, ISP pamphlets, statements from legislators and legislative lobbyists, and taking provisions from one law and applying them to another. I just do not see the courts buying into that kind of thing. I do think the courts will continue to be fairly generous in their rulings WRT the RTKBA, but they will rule within the law as written.

National Rifle Association
No forum here but lots of other good stuff.

Pine Tree Pistol Club
A gun club in Rockford, IL that I belong to. I am "BOB" here. (THR)