Monday, October 31, 2011

More squirrels and road construction - and a coyote

The peonies have wilted due to the below freezing temperatures last night.

Fran took these road construction pictures.

These squirrels were playing in our yard when I got home from the forest preserve.

Pictures taken on my morning walk with Wilma today. New curbs and gutters that were poured Satruday.

Ravere is being worked on as well. Looks like it is about ready to be paved with real asphalt. We are getting pavers.
Elm was just resurfaced.
Dr. Hulsubus is doing a good business this morning (about 9am on a Sunday).
Halloween decorations.
Cardboard cores from the landscape fabric being used.
Broken lense off a construction barricade.
Giant rolls of landscape fabric.
Wilma explores a concrete collection box.
Drainage pipe under the gravel goes into the collection box.
He is not real easy to see unless you zoom in, but we spotted this coyote at Rock Cut State Park just after noon as we were riding through the park.

Sunday, October 30, 2011