The Great Outdoors

Last update 03-30-14

I will be putting links here to miscellaneous outdoor related forums and philosophy posts I have done.

My philosophy on various kinds of survival and first aid kits and gear
Finding stuff for my kits
Survival Kits
Mini-survival kits
OTC Meds
Bug out bags
What is in my fanny pack as of 12-7-11

Links to Neat Sites
I go by the username of "ILBOB" on these forums unless otherwise noted.

AR15 Outdoor Forums
Good stuff, and lots of information on all kinds of outdoor things. There is a certain amount of nuttiness as is common with survival forums, but it is mostly kept under control.

Equipped to Survive
Mostly what its name implies. Outdoor and SHTF survival stuff with very little of the goofyness that tends to be associated with such places.

Garmin GPS Maps FREE!
I am too cheap to buy them. I use the maps found here on my Garmin GPS.

Audubon quick bird ID guide

Other Stuff

Dual Survivor TV Show