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Last revised 02-22-15

This is just a list of links to various places that have interesting files. Might be instruction manuals for guns, outdoor information, military manuals, or other things that trip my trigger.

One thing about these kind of places is that they are often started out with good intentions but over time the owners find out how much bandwidth they take up and find out they no longer want to pay for the bandwidth so they tend to come and go over time or change to some form of payment required. The owners also often exert some level of control over who can use the sites to reduce traffic. There are also a lot of good intentions gone astray when people lose interest in maintaining their sites.

I can't promise to check the links real often to see if they are still around, so if you see one that has gone down or changed to some form of required payment model or other significant restrictions, leave a comment and I will take a look.

Many of these links came from, so might be a little to the tin foil hat side of things. I have tried to screen out the really nutty stuff in favor of more useful ones. There are several threads there that some of these links came from but they also have a lot of dead links as the threads have not been maintained. I have also not listed links that have degenerated to be mostly advertising, or are very slow.

The links listed here have a lot of old technology in them, along with some relatively recent stuff. A lot of it is interesting just as history.

There is a lot of duplication.

Assorted Stuff
Pole Shift Survival
Another assortment
Wilderness Survival
Some interesting documents
LDS Preparedness Manual
nuclear war survival skills
Institute for Appropriate Technology
Third World Development
Practical Action
Preppers Info
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Canadian Wilderness Survival (an assortment of good stuff here)
Civil Defense (FEMA mostly)
Green Trust
Cornell University Home Economics Archive
Bryan's TEOTWAWKI Downloads
Farm Library
Another assortment
Red Cross Aid Worker Safety and Security Guide
Operational Security Management in Violent Environments
Back to Basic

Survival in the Woods
Assorted files-focuses on wilderness survival more or less
Stone Age Skills

Firearms and Related Manuals
Steve's Pages - Firearm and firearm related product manuals

Hesperian - When There is No Doctor (Or Dentist)
Ship's Captains Medical Guide
Wilderness Medicine Guide - AMK
More AMK Downloads
Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Ethicon Knot Tying Manual
Virtual Naval Hospital

Military Manuals
Military Field Manuals
US Army Engineering Manuals Army Field Manuals
More military manuals
Older Military Manuals

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