Blogs I Sporatically Read and Post On

Last updated 08-12-14
I can't possibly read them every day, or every post, but here are some blogs I like (in no particular order).

[8-12-14]The Rockford Register Star continues to prove it has no clue on how to run an online business. They keep moving and shifting blogs I used to like, then tried to charge for them, and now they seem to have dropped the fees but got rid of my favorite bloggers. There are some blogs still there.
Rockford Register Star Blogs

A cop in Chicago has been blogging for many years. He and his colleagues have an interesting slant on many things. Virtually all the posts here are anonymous so the few times I have posted I have done so anonymously as well. It is moderated by the blog owner somewhat. Considering what he lets through I can only imagine what he screens out.
Second City Cop

Volokh conspiracy - guns section of libertarian legal blog. Much of it is remarkably readable.
When I post here, I just sign it as BOB.
ETA 3-23-12: I am now ILBOB here as well after they changed the commenting system.
ETA: 2-15-14 VC moved here recently. The old site does not appear to be getting any new posts to it. The guns section is here now.