Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free Kindle Books 6-10-14

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The Secret Beginners Guide to Raising and Caring for Chickens in Your Own Backyard 

Raising Chickens is become more and more popular all around the world ! From preppers, homesteaders, urbanites, and country folks - No matter who you are, everyone can reap the benefits. Back Yard Chickens is your opportunity to learn exactly how to get the most out of this experience. 

Why should YOU raise chickens in your backyard? 

The main reason I started raising chickens is I wanted FRESH EGGS that were healthy, nutritious, and raised humanely. Most of the eggs you get from the grocery store are from chickens that were injected with steroids and chemicals. Not to mention that they are routinely held in small cages and treated inhumanely. It is said - You can’t get healthy food from sick animals. 

Picture yourself walking out into your backyard to pick up your fresh eggs every morning from chickens that are happy and producing healthy food. You will learn how to do this and the rewards and pride you will get in accomplishing this will be many! Not only that but you will be contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. 

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