Monday, January 26, 2015

Guy Fieri Pepperoni and Mozarella Beef Patty

I was grocery shopping at Walmart earlier and saw these for sale. The pepperoni and mozzarella burgers were priced at $2.50 for six 1/3 pound burgers. The other varieties were a lot more.

However, since just regular hamburger is now more than $1.25/lb, I figured I would give them a try and bought a box.

I fried one up when I got home. Pretty darn good.

Only 4 carbs per patty.

Not much on the web about them. I did find this:

I snipped this from the above URL.

ETA: 2-16-15
I haven't found any nutrition information for these on the web so I took this lousy cell phone camera picture of what the box says.
I have also noticed that the burger is thick enough that it does not cook all the way through when using the same heat settings as with regular 1/4 frozen burgers. I usually either cook it at a lower temperature or put it in the microwave and give it a partial cooking before frying it up.

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