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Free Kindle Books 3-18-14

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Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads
Get Inside the Heads of Job Interviewers

Do you want to know the 40 real questions that job interviewers have in their minds?

I know what you are thinking. How can anyone read another person’s mind?

Well, the secret hides in the reality that there are only four kinds of interviewers.

A bigger secret is that savvy people have known about the four classic personality styles for 2000 years, and they have used that knowledge to persuade whole nations to follow them.

I use the word “secret” because most of the rest of us have either not known about the four styles, or maybe we have not discovered how to use them properly.

Only 4 Types of Interviewers

Imagine that you will make it easy for job interviewers to like you. Do you know that, if you can speak respectfully to just four personality types, you hold in your hand the key to have a powerful persuasive edge over most people?

So are you curious about the four types? They are the Careful, Expert, Impulsive, and Idealist. Before you start buying the book, check it out by using the “Look Inside” feature.

Your Magic Touch

Maybe you think the last thing in the world you need is another book about job interviews. THINK AGAIN! None of those books venture inside the heads of interviewers like this. Here, you are learning proven techniques to get your message across attractively. To your interviewers, they will feel you speak magically. To you, you know that you are simply respecting the interviewers’ values and strengths.

The Power of Your Personality

You’ve already been to interviews, right? Do you worry you are not hired because you are not “the right fit?” Are you wondering if interviewers might not like you because of your personality?

WAKE UP! Most of the time, hiring decisions really are based on “the best fit.” And, yes, your personality matters. Your personality can work for you and against you – and you don’t even realize it!

Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads clearly exposes the plusses and minuses of your own personality, as well as the personalities of your interviewers.

You will learn to confidently interface your personal system of values and strengths with those of your interviewers.

You will reach out them clearly. And they will feel that you “somehow” think exactly like they do. You now have the option to walk into room full of interviewers with confidence and your own personal power.

The “Magic” Is Really a Scientific System

Getting to know the four personality types of interviewers saves you time and worry. Why? Because you are prepared. Picture feeling 500% better prepared. You are not wasting time trying to “figure out” interviewers. Why? Because you have a scientific system to speak to all four types.

You can rely on the expert techniques because the author brings you the results of hundreds of workshops where serious participants came to the workshops to learn about the practical application of personality technology to understand themselves and communicate better with everyone.

Your Decision to Buy the Book Is a No-Brainer

You will want to read this book again and again – not only for job interviews, but for most any situation in which you want to persuade just about anybody to do something.

Congratulate yourself for reading to the end of this description. And thank yourself by scrolling up and clicking on BUY!

P.S. How about a guarantee? Can I guarantee you a job? That would be super, but I do guarantee you will be far better prepared for job interviews if you take the book’s lessons seriously and implement them. If you are not 100% satisfied, ask for your money back. My contact info is in the book.

BONUS. Do you know that users of this book can take the Four Windows Personality Survey (4WPS) for free? The 4WPS is the very same one used by Jack Dermody’s clients in workshops for both public and private organizations. Using the 4WPS will truly enhance your reading experience. Okay now, scroll up there and buy a copy.

5 star:(9)
4 star:(2)

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