Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Kindle Books 8-28-14

General notes to free Kindle book posts

From the top 100 free list
[Amazon has several times changed the actual link to the top 100 free books. This link has not changed. You will have to select the top 100 free tab yourself.]

Drew Ramsay’s legs are crushed but not his spirit despite a swarm of energy domes unleashing their fury across planet Earth. Millions are dead and his failed anti-gravity experiment may be the cause. With the help of his devoted foster brother, Lucas, the Ramsay brothers scramble to devise an ingenious plan to stop the annihilation of the human race, but soon learn that they’ve been unwittingly maneuvered into the middle of an interstellar battle--one where reality is measured on a planetary scale. Nothing is as it appears to be, challenging their faith in science and each other. 

Can they survive long enough to deploy their plan and save humanity, or will they surrender to certain death along with everyone else? 

Beneath a riveting plot that will hold you in fascination is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that will keep you reeling in anticipation. Witness the tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit that is the story of . . . Linkage. 

5 star:(31)
4 star:(18)
3 star:(6)
2 star:(3)
1 star:(1)

[#8. A bookbub selection yesterday.]

Everyone should know the very basics of First Aid and it pays to be prepared. 

First Aid Basics will take your hand and guide you through identifying and treating common injuries. Whether it’s a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), nosebleed, seizure, or someone in need of CPR, First Aid Basics is a concise guide that teaches what you need to know about First Aid. 

With an extensive list of common injuries and medical scenarios, we will provide insight on how to identify and treat common injuries: 

5 star:(9)

[#34. The author's summary does not claim any special knowledge, training, or experience in the area of first aid so it is hard to know whether the advice given is worthy.]
The timeless tale of survival and adventure that set the standard for the English novel

Robinson Crusoe is the only man still alive when his ship is destroyed in a terrible storm. Washing up on a deserted island, he realizes that he is stranded, with no immediate hope of rescue. Displaying remarkable ingenuity, Crusoe builds a crude home, raises crops, and keeps track of the passing days with a rudimentary calendar. Loneliness is his greatest adversary until a tribe of cannibals arrives with their intended victims. When one of the prisoners escapes, Crusoe rescues him. The shipwrecked sailor and his newfound companion, Friday—named for the day of the week on which Crusoe first meets him—band together to vanquish the cannibals and leave the Island of Despair forever.
Based on the true accounts of eighteenth-century castaways, Robinson Crusoe popularized the then-new art form known as the novel. Nearly three hundred years after it was first published, it is still the rare classic with the power to thrill and edify in equal measure.
This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

5 star:(155)
4 star:(77)
3 star:(56)
2 star:(22)
1 star:(19)
[#78. A classic - but be warned that one of the reviews mentions that this edition has been edited from the original to make it more PC.]


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