Friday, August 29, 2014

Free Kindle Books 8-29-14

General notes to free Kindle book posts

From the top 100 free list
[Amazon has several times changed the actual link to the top 100 free books. This link has not changed. You will have to select the top 100 free tab yourself.]

This is a stand-alone novel and doesn't require reading the other books in the series 

It’s been a week without power. No phones. No computers. Nothing. Whatever shred of humanity is left in people is slowly dwindling away. Gangs are forming, people are starving, and the whole country is in a free-for-all. 
With his house burnt to the ground, Mike Grant finds himself on the road, fighting to stay alive. A single thought propelling him forward: get to his family. 
Accompanied by his neighbor, Nelson, Mike leaves Pittsburgh and heads to his family’s cabin in Ohio. For Mike the only thing worse than not making it to the cabin is the fear of his family not being there when he does.

[#30 - just two reviews, both 5-star.]

The Turner Chronicles: 
- Traitor 
- Betrayed 
- Pawn 
- Crusade 

Last Chance. 

On the edge of a far frontier rests a place of gentle manners and common civility--Last Chance. Threats of war change all of that. 

A hero is needed. A Savior. Meet Aaron Turner, the small unassuming man who runs the Last Chance General Store. He may not be all that they hoped for. 

5 star:(24)
4 star:(11)
3 star:(4)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(1)

[#75 - it's been free before but I have not read it.]

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