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Free Kindle Books 12-03-13

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As is typical, there are also several religious and recipe books on the list today, along with the usual assortment of romance, porn and near porn. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

Carb Cycling Shred Belly Fat Fast: Your Guide To Rapid Sustained Fat Loss (How To Lose Weight Your Way)
Carb Cycling Shreds Belly Fat
It's true. Just search carb cycling and you will see who uses it for extreme weight loss. Darrin has personally lost over 40 pounds with the help of carb cycling. He used carb cycling to make himself a fat burning machine and you can to.

Our bodies are designed to be constantly cycling our calories which is essentially what carb cycling does. Chances are you don't eat the exact same amount of calories every day and if you do, you need to stop. Our metabolism is just like our muscles and we need to keep it guessing so it doesn't get lazy.

Carb cycling keeps your metabolism stimulated and performing at peak levels. When you have a fast metabolism you lose weight easier and have less worry about gaining it back. Your body will be primed to lose all the weight you have gained over the years and fast.

Have you ever complained about losing weight too fast? With carb cycling you just might!

Write Your Last Weight Loss Story
Bestselling weight loss author Darrin Wiggins breaks down carb cycling into something so easy anyone can use it to shed pounds of unwanted body fat. Your weight loss journey is not the same as anyone else's and your diet shouldn't be either. Carb cycling gives you an unlimited number of combinations to ensure you find the right cycle for you and your desired lifestyle.

The goal of this book is to give you the tools you need to finally see your feet again, have a six pack or to just drop a few pounds.With the flexibility of carb cycling you can choose high, low and no carb days or just high and low days. You have complete control over how fast you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you have tried losing weight numerous times before with disappointing results don't despair. With the knowledge you gain you will finally be able to write the last weight loss story you ever have to tell.

What Are Your Options?
Do nothing, continue along as you are now and keep being unhappy with your body
Continue trying to lose weight on your own through more trial and error
Succeed with a proven weight loss system like carb cycling
This book gives you the latest and best advice possible when it comes to carb cycling. Darrin doesn't have a famous T.V. show but he has struggled with losing weight living your typical lifestyle of balancing a career and family. This gives him a unique perspective of what "real" people need who don't have the time and money to drop everything to lose weight.

This book will take you, step by step, through a comprehensive look at carb cycling and how to incorporate it into your current lifestyle. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or a couple hundred, carb cycling can help you achieve your goals. You will not stick with a diet you hate and the goal is to have you loving life and losing weight.

What You Will Discover Inside
Why ignoring these two hormones is causing you to gain weight
How to master the glycemic index and glycemic load of foods
Exactly what to eat and how much of it to lose weight fast
How to cheat and lose weight
5 different carb cycles to fit any lifestyle
What not to do if you want maximum weight loss
The natural supplement that actually helps lose weight and is good for you
Take A Look Inside
Even if you are an absolute beginner to carb cycling don't worry. You can experience mind blowing results simply by following the steps outlined inside. If you want to experience a personal transformation scroll up, take a look inside at the first chapter and grab your copy of Carb Cycling today!

[#7 - has a single 5-star review.]

Sugar Detox Challenge
Want to get control over your sugar cravings? Is sugar getting in the way of healing?

The Sugar Detox Challenge will help you understand what sugar does to the body (even the benefits of natural sugar) and will walk you through an eight week challenge to gradually reduce your consumption.

Included in the book are three sample menu plans (that include only easy to source foods and simple recipes!), as well as 18 recipes for healthier sweet treats.

[#13 - a single 5-star review from a Vine reviewer.]

Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts: Quick And Easy Paleo Treats
The nutritional benefits of this delicious tuber are numerous. Sweet potatoes are great in savoury dishes but did you know they do even better as desserts? Contrary to what many would think sweet potatoes actually contain way more nutrients than their blander counterpart, in spite of the sweet taste. Satisfy your cravings without guilt by making these taste paleo friendly treats.

In Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts: Quick And Easy Paleo Treats you will learn to cook:

- Sweet Potato Crepes
- Sweet Potato Ice Cream
- Sweet Potato Bread
- Sweet Potato Choc Chunk Cookies
- Ginger Sweet Potato Snaps
- Sweet Potato Mousse
- Baked Apples, Grapes & Sweet Potatoes
- Sweet Potato Custard
- Sweet Potato Pie
- Paleo Pie Crust
- Sweet Potato Smoothie
- Sweet Potato Shortcakes
- Sweet Potato Brownies
- Sweet Potato Magic Bars
- Sweet Potato Cupcakes
- Pineapple Sweet Potato Upside Down Cake

[#85 - another book with a single 5-star review.]

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