Saturday, September 14, 2013

Farewell or Farwell Bridge Road

I had to travel to Freeport on business not long ago. I happened to notice the big diamond yellow signs on IL route 20 proclaiming a side road as Farewell Bridge Road. I might not have thought much about it except Wilma and I had hiked along the Pecatonica Prairie Path 7-28-13 to Farwell Bridge Road.

So the next time I went that way on (8-16-13) I took a closer look at the street signs. Sure enough. The signs out on IL20 say Farewell Bridge Road, but the street signs at the crossings say Farwell Bridge. I am pretty sure it is actually Farwell Bridge.

I passed this on to the Stephenson County Highway Department. I don't know if the signs that are wrong belong to them or to the state. But, they can probably let whoever it is know.



ETA: 10-22-13
I was back in Freeport the other day and noticed the signs had not been changed. No response from the county so I sent an email to the state DOT yesterday. I got an email back today saying they are going to "investigate your concerns". That's an improvement over being ignored.

ETA: 11-10-13
The signs on route 20 have been changed. See this post.

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