Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pecatonica Prairie Path 7-28-13

Wilma and I have not been out hiking in a while due to the high temperatures. But it was nice on the 28th so we went for a nice hike. I chose the Pecatonica Prairie Path because I read an article recently saying the county had finished working on it.

We parked at Sumner Park in Pecatonica and walked west. We went all the way to N. Farwell Bridge Road. Base Camp called it 6.7 miles round trip.

It was nice going out - breeze, upper 60s. Wilma found the river refreshing, both behind the Fairgrounds and at the bridge where we turned around.

Coming back it was warmer, less of a breeze and a little buggy.

But, we had a good time.

The path is paved inside of Pecatonica until one gets to the west side of the fairgrounds. Then it is hard packed crushed stone. At the county line it becomes a grass path. There were weeds growing as high as ten feet along both sides of the path where it was crushed stone or grass, but very passable. The bridges have been rebuilt on the Winnebago County side, and now have handrails. They are in poor, but safe condition in Stephenson County.

Looking west from where we turned around though, it appears like it had not been mowed recently. Might have been OK on foot, but maybe not for bikes.

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