Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free Kindle Books 7-3-13

PLEASE. Do everyone a favor and write an Amazon review if you end up reading a book (or trying to and giving up in disgust). It does not have to be much. Just tell what you think of the book. By the way, many times I have found the 1 and 2 star reviews on self published works to be far more revealing about the book than the more stellar reviews.

Most times these books are only free for a day or two, so you have to grab them while you can. Worry about whether you really want to read it later if it seems interesting.

From the top 100 free list
As is typical, there are several religious and recipe books on the list today. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

IMPOSTER: The Protectors Series - Book One
[#7. 2nd day. Was free last month as well. I have not looked at it. Seems pretty far fetched. Might be more of a romance than a thriller. It is about impossible to make those two things work together.]

[#14. 3rd day. Has potential. How well the author uses that potential is something else.]

The Chaos Protocol (The Millennium Trilogy)
To the unscrupulous, y2k is more than a potential catastrophe for society ... it's an opportunity waiting to be exploited for personal gain. And a ruthless mathematician has taken the step that will turn the world's misfortune into his own private bonanza.

With the millennium fast approaching, vast sums of money begin to disappear from Department of Defense accounts, and then from a major bank whose y2k project is headed by British-born Annette Ashby.
The culprit? A computer worm. It threatens to spread across the country, even the world, imperiling the global economy – and if the word isn’t found and eradicated before December 31st, banks around the world will unwittingly archive it into their vital data files.
Who can Annette trust? The shadow of suspicion has fallen across two men on her year 2000 computer team. Nerd-next-door Leo Hermann has abandoned his prestigious Silicon Valley job for a chance to win Annette’s love. And his rival, the equally brilliant and farm more charming Russian √©migr√© Vladimir Borodin, has his own plans for Annette.
When the FBI and the CIA join the hunt, the action moves to St. Petersburg, then back to the States as the y2k team races the millennium clock to save the world’s economy from the computer worm that could trigger its collapse – the Chaos Protocol.

[#32. 5 reviews - all 5 star.  A little dated. The reviews are all from 1999.]

Ravage: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel
[#37. 2nd day. Zombies!]

Red Mercury
Europe stands on the brink of war in an alternate history of steam-driven adventure!

As the Great Powers eye each other nervously, armies mass at the borders and vast airships darken the skies. As crisis creeps ever closer, word emerges of a terrifying new weapon in the hands of Soviet Russia.

Imperial agents assemble. Their mission? To infiltrate a secret facility in the frozen heart of Siberia and stop the Russian menace, whatever the cost.

5 star:(2)
4 star:(2)
3 star:(1)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(0)

[#59.  It was free back in January. The 3 star review is from me. Alternate history/steampunk. Quite readable.]

[#77. 11th day. Lots of reviews - mostly positive. It was also free back in April, but I have not looked at it. It is unusual for a book to be free this long, especially one with as many good reviews as this one has.]

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