Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outdoors Free Kindle Books 7-28-13

PLEASE. Do everyone a favor and write an Amazon review if you end up reading a book (or trying to and giving up in disgust). It does not have to be much. Just tell what you think of the book. By the way, many times I have found the 1 and 2 star reviews on self published works to be far more revealing about the book than the more stellar reviews. Reviewers need gratification too, so if a review is helpful to you, please click on the voting button to indicate it was helpful.

Most times these books are only free for a day or two, so you have to grab them while you can. Worry about whether you really want to read it later if it seems interesting. And be careful, they can change from free to not free at any time. I have also decided to list books for no more than 3 days in a row to avoid cluttering up the posts, unless there is some reason I think the book deserves extra attention.

From the top 100 free list

Companion Gardening for Beginners: How to Grow an Organic Food Garden With Minimal Effort and Maximum Yield
How To Grow a Garden from Food Scraps

I Believe Everyone Can Grow Great Gardens at Home Using Food Scraps and Reducing Waste

You could be just months away from a harvest of delicious, fresh organic food from your food scrap garden. In this book, you will learn how to:

Grow A Great Food Scrap Garden That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Whether you have a tiny yard or a lot of space, you can grow delicious, healthy, organic vegetables and foods for you and your family.

Grow Vegetables And Fresh Food From Table Scraps

Did you know that over half of our food in the United States is thrown out as trash? What if instead of throwing out wasted food, we could grow gardens to feed future generations with healthier, organic, local food? Learn how to turn trash and waste into nutritious food for you, your family and your community.

If you're looking for gardening books on kindle and you're ready to start a food scrap garden, this is the book for you!

Ready to start gardening? Let's go!

Learn how to grow an extraordinary garden now.

[#89. No reviews. I seem to recall a food scrap gardening book was free not real long ago.]

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