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Free Kindle Books 7-13-13

PLEASE. Do everyone a favor and write an Amazon review if you end up reading a book (or trying to and giving up in disgust). It does not have to be much. Just tell what you think of the book. By the way, many times I have found the 1 and 2 star reviews on self published works to be far more revealing about the book than the more stellar reviews.

Most times these books are only free for a day or two, so you have to grab them while you can. Worry about whether you really want to read it later if it seems interesting. And be careful, they can change from free to not free at any time.

From the top 100 free list
As is typical, there are several religious and recipe books on the list today. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

Enemy in Blue: The Chase (Book #1) (The Cruz Marquez Thrillers)
[#14. 2nd day, My guess is the police groupies won't like this one, thus at least some of the negative reviews.]

Another 81 Money Saving Tips: Incredible Ideas for Frugal Living (Volume 2)
Another 81 Money Saving Tips: Incredible Ideas for Frugal Living

Are you finding activities you want to do are too expensive? Trying to seek out ways to save but nothing really pans out?

I'm here to prove that it can be done with REALISTIC tips to keep costs down.

Back with another 81 ways in our Volume 2 book, we're here to hit you up with more ideas to make resourceful living part of your lifestyle.

Not every activity has to cost big money. Not every product or service you use has to be expensive.

If the economic downturn taught us anything, it's that we can change the way we approach spending by focusing on cost-effective deals, fun freebies and activities that won't break the budget. Spending less today leads to a healthy financial future.

In this guide, "Another 81 Money Saving Tips," you'll get easy-to-follow instructions on EXACTLY how you can spend a fun couple hours, a day, or a weekend by spending virtually nothing.

Spefically [sic], you'll discover:

Super Shopping

Organized Outings

Rewarding Retro

Kids Korner

Outrageous Outdoors

Educational Exploits

Fun Findings

Vacation Values

Online Opportunities

Home Hangouts

Go Green

Sensational Spa

Medical Marvels

Bill Busters

Many of these will be new to you. Others will be ones you've never appreciated until now. I've made it easy for you to be entertained by these overlooked and undervalued treasures of fun.

Would You Like to Know More?

Download now and start saving money for the future!

You'll find yourself becoming an expert saver and money savvy activity planner!

5 star:(9)
4 star:(0)
3 star:(0)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(1)
 [#27. Save money by getting this one for free.]

The Inspirational Life Story of Genius Albert Einstein (Einstein: His Life and Universe)
[#47. 2nd day. The 2 star review says A very quick read. The writing quality was a little difficult to get past but the content was still interesting.]

Slow Boat To Purgatory, Book One
[#49. 2nd day. Good premise.]

A New York Times & USA Today Bestseller, and the #1 Kindle book of 2011 in two major categories -- technothrillers and science fiction.

"Richards is a tremendous new talent." --Stephen Coonts, 17-time New York Times bestselling author of Pirate Alley

"A keep-you-up-all-night thriller. Intense action, mind-blowing concepts, & breathtaking twists. Enjoy the ride." --Boyd Morrison, bestselling author of The Vault.

KIRA MILLER IS A brilliant genetic engineer who discovers how to temporarily achieve savant-like capabilities in all areas of thought and creativity. But what if this transcendent level of intelligence brings with it a ruthless megalomania?

David Desh left the special forces after his team was brutally butchered in Iran. Now he has been reactivated for one last mission: find Kira Miller, the enigmatic genius behind a bioterror plot that threatens millions. But when Desh learns that the bioterror plot is just the tip of the iceberg, he is thrust into a byzantine maze of deception and intrigue, and he becomes a key player in a deadly game he can't begin to understand. A game that is certain to have a dramatic impact on the future course of human history. . .

WIRED is a smart thriller crammed with breakneck action, unexpected twists, mind-expanding science, and intriguing concepts readers will be contemplating long after they've read the last page.

"A twisty plot, big ideas, and nonstop action & intrigue. It'll have you guessing right up to the very end." --Ernest Lilley, founder, SFRevu, Sr. Editor, TechRevu.    

Be sure to read the WIRED sequel, AMPED, and Richards's newest novel, THE CURE (available now for pre-ordering).

5 star:(477)
4 star:(272)
3 star:(123)
2 star:(73)
1 star:(78)

[#50. It was free back in November. I liked it and gave it a 4 star review.]

IMPOSTER: The Protectors Series - Book One
[#75. 12th day. Was free last month as well. I have not looked at it. Seems pretty far fetched. Might be more of a romance than a thriller. It is about impossible to make those two things work together.]

Moon Rocks
Forty years ago Apollo astronauts brought 842 pounds of moon rocks back to Earth. It cost the American taxpayers 30 billion dollars. It’s a new millennium, and the American people are about to get their money’s worth.


Deep in the heart of Texas…

A NASA moon rock “hatches” releasing an alien creature into the countryside. Now it’s up to NASA geologist, Nick Walker, to stop the monstrous creature in spite of his scheming boss.

5 star:(15)
4 star:(17)
3 star:(6)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(0)

[#81. Not exactly a unique premise.]

Not on the top 100 free list

Free From Stackpole.
Stackpole seems to put a book or two up for free periodically. Mostly military history from lesser known authors, often translated from the native language.

The Face of Courage: The 98 Men Who Received the Knight's Cross and the Close-Combat Clasp in Gold (Stackpole Military History Series)
Was also on my post yesterday.

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