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Free Kindle Books 10-27-13

PLEASE. Do everyone a favor and write an Amazon review if you end up reading a book (or trying to and giving up in disgust). It does not have to be much. Just tell what you think of the book. By the way, many times I have found the 1 and 2 star reviews on self published works to be far more revealing about the book than the more stellar reviews. Reviewers need gratification too, so if a review is helpful to you, please click on the voting button to indicate it was helpful.

Most times these books are only free for a day or two, so you have to grab them while you can. Worry about whether you really want to read it later if it seems interesting. And be careful, they can change from free to not free at any time.

I have decided to list books for no more than one day to avoid cluttering up the posts, unless there is some reason I think the book deserves extra attention.I have also decided to consolidate to a single post, instead of sometimes splitting them up by subject matter.

From the top 100 free list
As is typical, there are also several religious and recipe books on the list today, along with the usual assortment of romance, porn and near porn. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

Adopting The Minimalist Mindset: How To Live With Less, Downsize, And Get More Fulfillment From Life
Living With Less

Adopting The Minamalist Mindset
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A new revolution is currently taking place, one that looks set to change how we view ourselves and the objects around us. This new, groundbreaking revolution is the practice of minimalism. In a society consumed by debt, greed, and envy, this new trend looks to change the way we think about everything in our lives. We spend our entire lives chasing happiness by chasing our peers, consuming, and collecting goods. But with depression and anxiety at all time highs, this trend is clearly not working.
This Book Will Discuss:
The benefits of minamlism
How to practice minamlism
How to organize your home and your life
How to remove your ego from purchasing decisions
The habits of highly effective minamalists
How to cut your bills
Over 50 tips saving money, cutting bills, and spending time on your true passions
Much, much, more!
 This has led to the rapid rise of a new age of living: living simply. The minimalist focuses more on time and presence then on objects. Happiness, helping others, and self-fulfillment are at the top of minimalists’ priorities. They realize that happiness does not come from consumption, but that true happiness comes from within. Spending time creating memorable moments is a much better experience then spending time on a new object.

5 star:(10)
4 star:(1)
3 star:(8)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(1)


The Nuclear Suitcase (The Gantlet Brothers)
What starts out as a simple case of economic espionage for Fritz and Sly Gantlet turns into a deadly game. Forced into an uneasy alliance with the CIA, the five Gantlet brothers must help stop a rogue Russian general from finding and activating a series of nuclear devices hidden in suitcases at "dead drop" sites throughout the United States. Worse still, behind the plot is the Gantlet's most fearsome foe, a former East German border guard who is bent on revenge against the brothers. For Fritz, Sly, Matthias, Mitz and Otto this is one game that they cannot afford to lose--because every life in the Western world is a pawn.

[#5 - six reviews - all five star.]

Paleo Crockpot Recipes - Crockpot Recipes To Add Convenience To Delectable, Paleo-Friendly Cuisine (The Easy Recipe)
Crockpot Recipes To Add Convenience To Delectable, Paleo-Friendly Cuisine

If you don’t already follow the Paleo Diet, you may be worried about the restrictions. After just a few days of following the Paleo Diet, however, you will find that it may be easier than you think. Once you’ve gotten used to the principles of the Paleo Diet you can take advantage of a number of cooking methods to make the most of your fresh ingredients.

Slow cooking is a wonderful option because it requires just a few minutes of preparation time. You can easily throw the ingredients together in the morning before you leave for work and then come home to a fully-cooked meal. If you have to feed a whole family, this is an excellent option. Even if it is just you, you can easily make a large meal that will last for several days.

Inside Easy Paleo Crockpot Recipes, You Will Discover:

- Tons of healthy, convenient crockpot paleo recipes. Each recipe includes HD photographs and the nutritional facts.
- A comprehensive guide to the history of the paleo diet.
- A grocery list of foods to embrace and foods to avoid.

[#62 - one 3-star review.]

Natural Homemade Cleaners: Your Easy Eco Friendly Guide to a Healthier, Green Living
 Are you tired of breathing in toxic fumes every time you want to do a thorough cleaning of your home? I used to get physically ill and felt exhausted after a day of scrubbing was complete. I decided it was time to look into making my own cleaners. Not only did I feel better physically, my home was sparkling and left me with a feeling of contentment. This new way of living also left extra money in my pocket, allowing me to spend it on fun stuff or saving it for a rainy day, rather than succumbing to the high cost of these harmful chemicals. So not only will your wallet thank you once you start making your own cleaners, but your body and family’s health will pay off in the long run. What are you waiting for? Scroll up and hit the buy button now before the price goes up and don’t wait any longer to start enjoying a healthier life!

[#66 - just two reviews - one 4-star and one 5-star.]

JET (International Action / Adventure Thriller)
Code name: Jet

Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever. But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.

When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she loves. A gritty, unflinching roller-coaster of high-stakes twists and shocking turns, JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.

Fans of Lisbeth Salander, SALT, and the Bourne trilogy will find themselves carried along at Lamborghini speed to a conclusion as surprising as the story's heroine is unconventional.

5 star:(372)
4 star:(249)
3 star:(58)
2 star:(16)
1 star:(6)

[#70. Its been free periodically the last year. I have yet to read it. Lots of good reviews. The author is on the top 100 free list fairly regularly.]

The End - A Post Apocalyptic Novel
The New Word series
Book 1: The End
Book 2: The Long Road

For Gordon Van Zandt life once was one of duty and loyalty to his country, so when 9/11 happened he dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps. This youthful idealism vanished one fateful day in a war torn city in Iraq. Ten years later, he is still struggling with the ghosts of his past but must now face a new reality thrust on him and his family. North America, Europe and the Far East have all suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack that has caused catastrophic damage to the power grids and all electrical devices. With nothing working from cars to phones and with the total collapse of the economic infrastructure, Gordon must fight for the limited and fast dwindling resources. He knows survival requires action and cooperation with his neighbors. As daily life continues to break down so does all sense of civility within his community. With each passing day Gordon makes choices that would seem extreme in today's world but necessary in this new world.

5 star:(242)
4 star:(110)
3 star:(46)
2 star:(29)
1 star:(34)

[#83. Been free before. I have yet to read it.]

Paleo On-The-Go Recipes: Add Convenience to Delectable, Paleo-Friendly Cuisine (The Easy Recipe)
Inside Easy Paleo On-The-Go Recipes, You Will Discover:

- Tons of healthy, tasty paleo recipes for the busy person inside of all of us.. Each recipe includes HD photographs and the nutritional facts.
- A comprehensive guide to the history of the paleo diet.
- A grocery list of foods to embrace and foods to avoid.

5 star:(2)
4 star:(1)
3 star:(1)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(0)


Night of the Assassin (Assassin series)
Night of the Assassin is the gritty, edge-of-your seat prequel to King of Swords - the first book in the bestselling Assassin series. A no-holds-barred, breakneck-paced thriller, Night charts the early years of El Rey - known as the King of Swords - a super-assassin responsible for some of the world's most spectacular and daring executions.

Framed against the backdrop of present-day Mexico's brutal narco-trafficking violence, Night of the Assassin chronicles the making of a monster - a cold-blooded, ruthless killing machine. Raw, disturbing, edgy and unflinching, this epic saga defies convention to create a roller-coaster of intrigue, suspense and thrills that will leave even the most jaded thriller aficionados gasping for breath.

5 star:(126)
4 star:(78)
3 star:(30)
2 star:(12)
1 star:(4)

[Not on the top 100 free list today but from the same author as Jet (above). Its beenf ree before as well, and is another book I never got around to reading.]

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