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Free Kindle Books 10-31-13

PLEASE. Do everyone a favor and write an Amazon review if you end up reading a book (or trying to and giving up in disgust). It does not have to be much. Just tell what you think of the book. By the way, many times I have found the 1 and 2 star reviews on self published works to be far more revealing about the book than the more stellar reviews. Reviewers need gratification too, so if a review is helpful to you, please click on the voting button to indicate it was helpful.

Most times these books are only free for a day or two, so you have to grab them while you can. Worry about whether you really want to read it later if it seems interesting. And be careful, they can change from free to not free at any time.

I have decided to list books for no more than one day to avoid cluttering up the posts, unless there is some reason I think the book deserves extra attention.I have also decided to consolidate to a single post, instead of sometimes splitting them up by subject matter.

From the top 100 free list
As is typical, there are also several religious and recipe books on the list today, along with the usual assortment of romance, porn and near porn. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

The Demon Signet

When a plane on its way back from Canada has to make an emergency stop in the middle of the mountains of upstate New York, Heather, Ashley, Ian, and Marcus decide to make the drive to Maryland rather than wait for the plane to be repaired. All they want is to be home for Christmas.

Little do they know, however, that their rental car has come with a surprise, and that just living through another Christmas might be a miracle too big to hope for.

As an ancient puzzle is constructed along their path, and a blood-thirsty demon hunts them for what he believes is his, the four friends will find themselves caught in the midst of an age-long battle between Good and Evil, ultimately coming face to face with the darkness hidden deep within their own hearts.

5 star:(2)
4 star:(1)
3 star:(0)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(0)


At a genetics lab where a revolutionary strain of corn is being developed, FBI Special Agent Jack Dawson's best friend and fellow agent is brutally murdered, his body torn apart.
Jack is convinced that Naomi Perrault, a beautiful geneticist and suspected terrorist, is behind the murder. But when Jack is framed for setting off a bomb that devastates the FBI lab in Quantico, Naomi becomes Jack's only hope of survival.
Confronted by the terrifying truth of what the genetically engineered seeds stolen by his friend are truly for and who is really behind them, Jack joins Naomi in a desperate fight across half the globe to save humanity from extermination.

5 star:(262)
4 star:(150)
3 star:(59)
2 star:(20)
1 star:(15)
[#39 - its been free before but I have not read it. Kind of far fetched premise. Might appeal more to the anti-GMO crowd.]
Back issue no. 94 contains: Tsunamis and “the experts”; Starting over again without a man; Self-reliance for women; Self-reliance is a mindset; A view of self-reliance from a more timid perspective; Girls growing up – movie reviews; Females and firearms; Make shade when the sun shines; Grid-tie solar powered farm; PVC pipe in the home, garden, farm, and workshop; Lifestyle and cancer; and Middle Eastern vegetarian delights. Plus, Jackie Clay answers questions about sourdough bread, breeding ducks, potatoes in containers, butchering pigs, crispy pickles, canning milk, preserving bread, growing lentils, smelly coffee grounds, loosening up clay soil, Brussels sprouts, and radish greens.

5 star:(16)
4 star:(2)
3 star:(0)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(0)
[#54 - I have read a couple other back issues of this magazine that I got for free. Good information on rural living, if a bit toward the tin foil hat side of things.]

How To Grow Beneficial Plants and Herbs at Home

I Believe Every Person On This Planet Can Grow an Amazing Garden With These Beneficial Plants and Herbs 

You could be just a few days away from enjoying your own organic homegrown herbs. Learn how to: 

Grow Beneficial Plants To Reduce Pest Problems and Increase Yields

Beneficial plants can help keep insects, fungus and other garden pests away from your plants while increasing your crop yields and soil fertility at the same time. And, you can reap all these benefits of growing beneficial plants without any pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers! 

Grow Herbs Indoors All Year Round!

Even if you live in the frigid North where temperatures drop below zero in Winter, you can still have fresh herbs growing all year round with ease! Enjoy fresh home grown herbs and spices like basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, lemongrass, ginger and much more! 

Grow Herbs In Windowsills and Window Gardening

Even if you only have a window sill to work with or just a small area by a window, you can build or buy a window garden to grow at least 20 food plants like common herbs, and bigger plants like tomatoes, lettuce and kale. 

You don't need fancy equipment or expensive gear to start an indoor garden - just a little bit of creativity and the plans and step by step instructions included in this book. 

How To Grow Herbs in Container Gardens Outside

You don't have to grow all your herbs inside - you can have a thriving outdoor garden in your backyard or in a container garden on your porch, balcony or rooftop. 

How To Start A Garden For Beginners

Whether you're a complete beginner or just want to learn more, this gardening guidebook will teach you everything you need to know to enjoy the fruits of your own special garden. Every section includes action steps, pictures and step by step tutorials so you will know what to do and how to do it to create your perfect garden. 

If you're looking for gardening books on kindle and you're ready to start an urban garden, this is the book for you! 

Ready to start gardening? Let's go! 

Want To Grow An Incredible Indoor Garden Like This? 

It doesn't take a lot of time, skill, energy or effort for you to enjoy all the amazing benefits of an indoor garden. All it takes is a little bit of love and the guidance provided in this book. 

[#75 - no reviews yet.]

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