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Free Kindle Books 4-10-14

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From the top 100 free list
[Amazon has several times changed the actual link to the top 100 free books. This link has not changed. You will have to select the top 100 free tab yourself.]

Star Chase - The Lost Prince
From the Number One Bestselling Author Saxon Andrew comes the first book in his newest series, Star Chase-The Lost Prince. This new series takes place a thousand years in Earth’s future after mankind has moved out into the galaxy. With new Characters and powerful enemies, the series will hook you from the start.

The worlds in the Orion Nebula had been planning rebellion against the Galactic Union for more than a hundred years. Now the rebellion has started with a sneak attack against the Royal Family on Euclid. The planetary defenses were temporarily suppressed and the attack on the Royal Palace killed everyone including half of the invaders. But one member of the Royal Family wasn’t in the palace when the invaders struck. The attackers were forced to flee as the Obelisk began defeating the suppression field and began to come back on line. The attacking transports fled the planet but not before two of them were vaporized. Before they left Euclid, they determined that the Prince was no longer on the planet.

The Nebula knew that if the Prince was to return to Euclid, the main Obelisk would power all the other Obelisks on the worlds of the Union and the rebellion would be over before it began. Only a member of the Royal Family could power the Obelisks and the Nebula knew that the Prince must be found and eliminated.

The Nebula chose their most powerful warrior to find him. There was little chance of the Prince escaping the Dark Officer. He was a High Genetic and possessed unique tracking skills. The only question was how many were going to die before he was successful.

What the Nebula and Union didn’t know was that all of them were at risk of being destroyed and the Prince was the only one that could save them. Would they find out in time? The action is nonstop in Star Chase as the Prince runs to save himself and the Union.

5 star:(32)
4 star:(11)
3 star:(5)
2 star:(5)
1 star:(3)

[#8. I started to read another free book from the same author some time ago. I just gave up a short while into it and gave it 1 star. It appears from the many good reviews though that at least someone likes his books.]

Reader's Feast: Something for Everyone (A McCray Collection)
With over 200,000 bestelling words this volume includes...
7 Folds of Winter - the #1 YA+ Epic Fantasy,
The Rush - the bestselling prequel Moonrush short story
Rook - the bestselling supernatural thriller
Ambush - the bestselling Betrayed prequel short story
Anatomy - the bestselling Harbinger mystery short story
Pet Miracles - the bestselling inspirational short story collection
Pet the bestselling romantic comedy
Hacked - the bestselling techno-thriller Robin Hood Hacker prequel short story

5 star:(26)
4 star:(15)
3 star:(15)
2 star:(3)
1 star:(3)

[#33 - from an author regularly on the top 100 free list. I have read at least one of her books that I gave one star to. The author seems to have some fans though.]

Growing Vegetables in Containers: How to Grow Gourmet Vegetables in Your Container Garden (The Weekend Gardener Series)
Growing Vegetables in Containers is becoming a Popular Movement
As space becomes a valuable commodity and people are becoming aware of the role fresh vegetables play in their health and well-being, more attention is brought to the forefront of the advantages of growing your own food in containers.

The benefits of growing your own food in containers are myriad:
Containers can be used anywhere
No hard manual labor is required
No need to buy expensive tools
Plant only what you can eat with no waste

[#57 - ten 5-star reviews.]

Eternity (Vampire Assassin League Bundle, 4)
LET THEM SPEAK: New Orleans' vampire, Devereaux Castillion, likes his afterlife. He's gorgeous. Muscled. Silver-tongued. He loves flirting with the ladies, and they seem to enjoy his company just fine. Except this studio location scout, Sydney. She's a difficult woman to sweet talk. And he wants so much more...

NOW OR FOREVER: Leonard Griggins knows vampires. As VAL's Covert Op Specialist, he's used to their idiosyncrasies. Anything they need a human for, Len is their man. Anything to do with a vampire, he's not touching. The last thing he wants is a vampire mate, regardless of how his entire body craves her...

HOLD THEIR PEACE: Thanos of Macedon is pure warrior. Victory is the only option. Mortal life in Alexander the Great's army molded Thanos into a war machine. Centuries of afterlife haven't done a thing to alter it. And yet, his Amazonian-tall mate thinks he's simply her personal fantasy come to life...

DO YOU TAKE: Lucien survived the Inquisition and their medieval tortures. Not without scars. Some show. Some don't. He likes his solitude as VAL's resident chemist. The last thing he needs is a 21st century mate who wants to use his space and needs his help. But this partnership needs a warning label...

5 star:(10)
4 star:(2)
3 star:(1)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(0)


Paleo Slow Cooker: Delicious Crockpot Recipes For Busy Families. (Paleo Slow Cooker Series)
Paleo Slow Cooker : Delicious Crockpot Recipes For Busy Families

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice chef, this is the perfect time to turn up your game in the kitchen.

In this collection of Slow Cooker Recipes, classic home cooked favorites are simplified with the help of a Crockpot. A staple in many kitchens around the world, a slow cooker simmers ingredients in one pot to allow flavors and ingredients to meld into a gourmet-quality dish.

Inside, you will find:

- Simple, easy to follow recipes that allow you to make your favorite dishes using a slow cooker.
- Tips on how whip up the best slow cooked dishes.
- Guidelines on how you can use your slow cooker for utmost convenience.

[#88 - two 5-star reviews.]

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