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Free Kindle Books 4-20-14

General notes to free Kindle book posts

From the top 100 free list
[Amazon has several times changed the actual link to the top 100 free books. This link has not changed. You will have to select the top 100 free tab yourself.]

Kinzie Nicolosi wants to make a difference in this screwed up world of ours. And now, she has the chance. 

The Rothston Institute can secretly manipulate the decisions of anyone in the world - from ordinary friends to government leaders. Possessing special mental skills used to accomplish its goals, college student Kinzie Nicolosi is training to protect humankind from self-destruction. A student missing an exam? A construction worker fired for an industrial accident? A Congressman ruined in scandal? Necessary consequences of honing her skills for the greater good. 

But Kinzie brings more than her remarkable talent to Rothston. She bears an unexpected power that rivals Rothston's own ... and the clash may be something none of them can control. 

5 star:(11)
4 star:(9)
3 star:(1)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(0)

[#7 - I suggest reading the 2 star review. There may be some insight there.]

Two men. Spies. An American. A German.
The year is 1942. The world is at war.
In New York City, the German spy is following Nazi orders, climbing the corporate ladder. He has it all. A loving wife. A good job. A tidy house on Long Island. Everything is perfect. Until one night when his wife discovers his shocking secret. 
In Germany, one of the U.S. Army's deadliest commandos parachutes to earth. His mission: wreaking havoc from behind enemy lines. But something goes terribly wrong during his jump, leaving him with a lethal injury and a crucial choice. It's kill or be discovered. He makes the ruthless decision, killing two innocents without hesitation, knowing he'll never be the same again.
Two years later, sufficiently chastened, the two men independently claw their way back to relevance. Through meticulous analysis, the American learns of the German's existence. He's a soldier now, wearing the American uniform, murdering senior officers under the cloak of battle.
As the parallel plots converge, the American doggedly stalks the German spy. First to Europe. Then to France. The killings intensify. A major. A colonel. A general.
The hunt narrows from division, to regiment, to company. It's a hunt for a vicious killer. 
It's a hunt for the American's doppelgänger.

5 star:(31)
4 star:(16)
3 star:(2)
2 star:(2)
1 star:(3)


Whether you're buying items to build a comprehensive medical kit, or have found yourself in a disaster without one, this book will teach you exactly what you need to do. 

Written by a Trauma Surgeon, The Prepper Pages describes the most practical and effective treatments for injuries and illnesses encountered within the chaos of disasters. It is not a book about how to stabilize injuries until help arrives. It's a book about how to treat conditions definitively, assuming that help will never arrive.

[#32 - just two reviews - both 5-star.]

What would you do if everything you held precious in life was suddenly ripped from you? How would you react to the torture of your spouse and murder of your only child--a five-year-old boy? What if you were forced to witness the savage events, and made to feel responsible for the horror? Would you abandon all hope in humanity? Would you lose all faith in a life and ideology you once cherished? If offered the chance and the resources, would you track down the man who destroyed your life? Would you kill him? Would you be willing to chase this madman straight to hell to finish the job? And, once there, what if you had a single opportunity to abandon your vengeful quest and exit hell? Would you escape to save your soul, or would you stay to exact your revenge. . . ? 

And so it was, Vincent Goss, wounded and bound, witnessed his wife's brutal rape and his only child's torture and murder at the hands of a notorious madman. Vincent, a simple farmer and devoted husband, is forced to commit his wife to a sanatorium after the savage events. His life shattered, consumed by rage, Vincent seeks his revenge--both on earth and after his death in hell. 

Join Vincent Goss on this metaphysical thrill ride. Immerse yourself in his merciless struggle with love, loss, revenge and absolution. Open your mind, and prepare for an altered reality and a unique vision of hell . . . a hell unlike anything you've ever imagined.

5 star:(8)
4 star:(2)
3 star:(0)
2 star:(0)
1 star:(1)


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