Thursday, April 3, 2014

Free Kindle Books 4-3-14

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4-2-14 Nothing.

From the top 100 free list
Typically there are also several religious and recipe books on the list daily, along with the usual assortment of romance, porn and near porn. I don't call them out because they don't interest me. Click on the link above and search through the Free List Tab if you are interested in such books.

Alive and Killing (A David Wolf Novel)
Just for a day, Colorado cop David Wolf trades slogging through murky meltwaters and even murkier small-town politics for an overnight camping trip in the wilderness with his son.

But when a man with fresh burns turns up on their trail, falling from the heavy load in his backpack and running wild from something, Wolf suspects his father-son camping trip may have just taken a turn for the worse.

Unfortunately his instincts are spot on, and Wolf is forced into action with the last person he wants by his side in a deadly battle — his only son.

When news of their disturbing episode travels through the valleys, local FBI agents want to take over Wolf's investigation, hoping to halt murder and corruption originating 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. Wolf ignores the FBI's order to stand down, even if the case involves a matter of national security. Not when his son's safety is at stake.

In this stomach-dropping, action and suspense packed third installment of the David Wolf series, Wolf partners with a beautiful FBI agent to bust an inter-continental conspiracy threatening anyone who has the bad enough luck to stumble on it.

5 star:(18)
4 star:(4)
3 star:(1)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(1)

[#1 - at least one other book in this series was previously free, but I have yet to read it. The reviews seem to indicate a book with a fair number of editing/writing issues.]

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This guide without a doubt is the best guide available on learning real methods to cure yourself and learn the kinds of herbs that can heal your body and cure yourself from illnesses.

[#82 - no reviews yet.]

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