Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Free Kindle Books 5-14-14

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Compiled from an eclectic range of healthy, delicious recipes that originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Good Eating’s Gluten-Free Recipes brings together a multitude of the best gluten-free dishes, from hors d’oeuvres to entrees to desserts. These dishes are vibrantly and naturally gluten-free, as tested and approved by the award-winning food writers and journalists at the Chicago Tribune.

Organized by courses, this book provides enough recipes for an entire well-balanced meal. With unique takes on vegetables, poultry, and seafood to insights on gluten-free grains, home cooks no longer need to struggle adapting or converting "regular" recipes to gluten-free. Showcasing a range of flavors and a variety of techniques, this beautifully photographed ebook is great for experienced gluten-free cooks and those wanting to incorporate healthier habits into their everyday meals.

Good Eating's Gluten-Free Recipes is a convenient, easily searchable guide compatible for any tablet, e-reader, smartphone, or computer that will help readers find simple, creative approaches to making fresh, flavorful gluten-free meals.

[#28 - a single 5-star review.]

You will need to know how to preserve foods properly not only to have them ready whenever you want and need them, but also so that you are prepared for any crisis that may come your way. Canning and food preservation may no longer be as popular as they used to be, but they are still some of the safest and most effective ways of how to make food last longer. 

If you do not develop your canning skills through continued learning and practice, you will soon be able to produce good quality preserved foods that are easy to prepare and also healthier than most other processed foods. Not only are you able to savor desired foods and flavors at any time of the year, but you are also sure that you are providing you and your family with nutritious and healthy meals. 

It’s time for you to become an amazing food preservation advocate and learn the benefits and advantages of canning and preserving food using jars. 

[#75 - one 1-star review and one 5-star review.]

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