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Free Kindle Books 5-4-14

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From the top 100 free list
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Police work is never routine; domestics, gang violence... flesh craving zombies???

For decades the Mexican drug cartels looked at the United States of America as a business partner. The cartels supplied the drugs, and the millions of American addicts supplied them with an endless amount of money. But when the War on Drugs heats up and the money alone is not enough, the cartels decided to up the ante. With the help of a ruthless Russian mercenary, they unleashed a lethal bio-weapon, initially conceived during the Cold War to quickly bring the West to her knees. Skillfully deployed, the virus initially worked as designed. What started as a slow burn soon spread at an expediential rate, decimating the host population. Finally powerful enough conquer a stricken nation, the cartel stood ready to move in and enslave the surviving population. But unknown to their leaders, the virus had a small side effect. The infected victims refused to stay dead, and had an agenda all of their own.

For two veteran police officers and their small group of friends, the first day of the outbreak starts out like any other. Random fights and car accidents keep them busy, that is until they are confronted with a new and unexpected enemy. Each one of them is forced to confront the unthinkable. Zombies were real, and craving the living with an insatiable appetite.

Against the full specter of a society crumbling around them, and the dead stalking the living in the streets, it will take all of their skill, knowledge and courage to survive. They see terrifying news broadcasts and learn of hastily constructed refugee camps and an overmatched military stretched to the limit. Yet, amongst all of this, they still face enemies among the living as well. Armed gangs free to roam the streets. Powerful men who want to play politics with peoples lives, and wolves in sheeps clothing. Together, the group faces an uncertain future as they struggle against relentless enemies, living and dead, in a devastated America.

5 star:(16)
4 star:(5)
3 star:(6)
2 star:(3)
1 star:(1)


'Cover up your webcams…or suffer the consequences.' 

He calls himself the Slave Master. He spies on women through their computer webcams. Then he blackmails those who unknowingly reveal their secrets to him. His last victim was brutally murdered. Now he’s targeting the cop in charge of the investigation. To him she’s the perfect prey – because she has secrets of her own. 

5 star:(89)
4 star:(61)
3 star:(20)
2 star:(5)
1 star:(7)

[#38 - it's been free before but I have yet to read it.]

Being Prepared is the Only Way to Be 

What would you do if tomorrow a hurricane a used devastation to your city? What would you do if a tsunami scattered your home apart? Natural disasters are very much a realistic possibility, just as an apocalypse. You probably don’t think about these things. We tend to forget the things that we really don’t want to talk about, and this is one of those personal issues no one wants to think about. But it is necessary. You must take the time to learn more about natural disasters, as well as how to prepare should you be faced with such a crisis. This guide walks you through what a well-stocked, well prepared pantry should look like, plus provides you with information about the right products to buy and more. 

5 star:(4)
4 star:(5)
3 star:(0)
2 star:(1)
1 star:(1)


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