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Free Kindle Books 5-8-14

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From the top 100 free list
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The brutal, heart-stopping prequel to the best-selling Zombie D.O.A. series.
On a beautiful early-fall evening, a couple is attacked in Times Square by a seemingly deranged vagrant. An ER unit is dispatched to the scene and returns to the emergency room with two victims, one seriously injured, the other dead on arrival. Or so they think.

The prequel to the Zombie D.O.A. series follows the events leading up to the zombie epidemic, as a seemingly routine ER call spirals quickly out of control - with deadly results.

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If you have eaten a fresh garden tomato or crunched a fresh pea pod right out of the garden then you know that nothing compares to home grown vegetables. If you want to grow your own fresh garden tomatoes, lettuce, peas, herbs and more without the summer long effort of a traditional garden, then a Raised Bed Garden could be your answer. 

Raised beds are perfect for growing lots of vegetables in small spaces. They're also ideal for anyone who doesn't want to sit or bend down to pull weeds every day. Raised beds even look better than regular gardens because you can customize the bed boxes to fit the aesthetics of your landscaping. 

If all of those reasons aren't enough consider this; you can grow more healthy vegetables with less of your own effort which means more produce will make it to your dinner table, and you'll have more time and energy to enjoy it.

This book covers everything you need to know to create your own raised bed garden and grow your own vegetables this season. It includes:

- Garden Design tips to get the most out of your garden
- How to build your raised beds, from fancy beds to free ones
- Improving your soil to grow the healthiest plants
- What to plant
- When to plant it
- Low-maintenance tips to make weeds almost non-existent 

If you are excited to put some plants in the ground and start your own garden paradise then I am excited to show you how!

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[#14 - it's been free before. I have not read it.]

Herbal Remedies: The Complete Guide. Herb, Spices and Oils to Help Cure and Prevent Sickness and Illness. And add some Pep in Your Step Behind Closed Doors Also!

Herbal remedies, also known as home remedies or natural medicine, is used for cures of various minor and major health issues like sleeping disorders, allergy issues, weight loss, and more. These remedies do not need any sort of prescription from a doctor and are not conventionally manufactured. The book is the complete guide to provide your insight into various herbal oils, spices and herbs used in creating the huge variety of herbal products that have medicinal value. 

Also with a complete Bonus chapter with information you can use right away and Now! 
Download this Bestseller Now!! 

Traveling back in time, we discuss an era when these herbal remedies were first introduced to how it evolved into a great source to cure oneself. It is very important to have a thorough knowledge of the ingredients of an herbal product before actually using it cure a particular disease. This guide is therefore useful to give you an idea about the various essential oils and herbs used in creating these products. 

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In “Coconut Oil: The Quick and Easy Guide,” you’ll discover exactly why you should be eating more coconut oil - plain and simple! 

This book covers which coconut oil to buy, the many coconut oil benefits, and basically everything you need to know about it. It will also tell you how and why coconut oil is an amazing and versatile food. 

This book provides great resources as well as loads of clickable links to help you understand why eating more coconut oil is definitely a great move to make for your overall health. 

The authors wrote this book to spark your interest on a subject that more people need to be aware of, as coconut oil is showing to be a top contender in the superfoods category, and is now backed by very legitimate research. 

Not only is coconut oil the absolute superior oil to be cooking with, it also has so many other uses that really need to be discussed if people are to change their health for the better. And you will get all of them in this book. 

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You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how to treat and prevent illnesses, cold and flu using natural remedies. This would include; 

• The three secrets that your family doctor may not have told you about natural remedies and conventional treatment 

• How some of your kitchen staple ingredients are actually as effective as drug-based medicines in curing and preventing diseases and how they are much safer to use with no negative side effects 

• Why you need to have a strong immune system to resist and prevent cold and flu and other common ailments and how you can build your immunity from illnesses. 

The information you will find from this book are to increase your awareness and understanding of the power of natural remedies to treat and prevent illnesses 

Natural remedies work with your body systems to prevent and cure illnesses, cold, and flu. What they do is to activate your systems ability to fight and defend your body against the causes of these illnesses with no side effects. Medicines, on the other hand, may bring you faster results. However, they usually relieve the symptoms and therefore results are often temporary. Doctors will never tell you that all medicines contain toxic ingredients in varying levels. This is why medicines have side effects ranging from common, mild to severe, and life threatening. 

While medicines are convenient, natural remedies such as herbs and vitamins are often the solution to prevent and cure diseases. The thing is, most doctors are wired to prescribe drug-based medicines, and seldom, if they do, will they discuss with their patients the potency of natural remedies to cure and prevent sickness 

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