Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Kindle Books 5-21-14

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From the top 100 free list
[Amazon has several times changed the actual link to the top 100 free books. This link has not changed. You will have to select the top 100 free tab yourself.]

A Life Worth Reading: Thomas Jefferson provides you with all the tools you need to have a solid, basic understanding of Thomas Jefferson as a historic figure whose achievements, and contradictions, have shaped the American politics, society, and culture today. 

Use this book to give yourself a strong base from which to learn more, or to take part in the lively discussion that continues today about the man, the figure, the idealist, and the contradiction that is Thomas Jefferson. 

To give you the complete picture, the book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the background of the history and philosophy that contributed to Jefferson’s education and informed his thought. The second part provides a biography of Jefferson’s life that hits the highlights so you will know more about his life quickly and easily. The third part deals with controversial issues surrounding Jefferson including his relationships with women and his role as a slave owner. 

So whether you want just the basic facts, the bigger picture, or all of these plus the scandals, A Life Worth Reading: Thomas Jefferson will give you the information you are looking for in a concise, reliable, and easy to read format.

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4 star:(21)
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Discover How to Grow Healthy & Delicious Tomatoes, Bell Peppers & Avocados At Home

Your diet sucks. 

Well, it doesn’t suck that much, but I know that you want to eat healthier, natural vegetables. 

We all know that natural vegetables are the best. They taste better, they look better, and they provide your body with the best vitamins and nutrients that Mother Nature has to offer. 

5 star:(4)
4 star:(1)


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